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Kathryn L. Hack

After working as a Mentor and Pastor for 10 years, Kathryn Hack began focusing on her passion for art as a means of personal and spiritual fulfillment.  Diagnosed with lipedema in 2016, Kathryn found that creating art reflecting her body, allowed her to see beauty in her form instead of only pain.  For Kathryn, the path forward toward healing her body had to include loving herself fully.  She seeks to impart proactive self love to folks dealing with Fat Disorders, as an essential step toward wellness. As well as using art to improve how ALL PEOPLE view themselves.


Kathryn created "Beloved Bodies" in early 2018. She speaks passionately about rejecting body shame and pushing back on aspects of our fat-phobic culture.  Her seminar and mixed media art classes are for all levels of artist and all people.  Kathryn is fond of saying: "Art is a bridge to freedom; we can get there together!"


Kathryn lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two young children.

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