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Beloved Bodies Art Workshops explores how art can help us improve our relationship to the bodies we live our lives in. Participants enjoy crafting their own personal piece of art while learning about the joy and freedom of radical self love and acceptance. 


Kathryn L. Hack developed this 3 hour course after embarking on her own journey to fully love her body.  She read and researched and found that "Fat-phobia" is a well established social construct proven to be incredibly detrimental to not only a person's emotional state, but, our physical bodies as well. Through the act of making art she could see herself in, Kathryn watched in awe, as her ability to live free of body shame grew exponentially.

Mixed Media Collage is a fun way to express one's creativity free from any expectation of being good at drawing or painting.  Workshop participants choose from an ample supply of hand crafted mixed media pages, a dozen various human silhouettes and many different styles of the word "Beloved".  The color choices and combinations are endless.  Each person in attendance is free to make as many separate projects as time will allow.  Laminators are hot and ready to go, for folks wanting their work to be well preserved.  

All are welcome to participate in this process.  Learning new ways to view ourselves and the world we live in is absolutely possible.  For many, art proves time and again, to be a powerful agent for change.


Projects are appropriate for all levels of artist.

$40 suggested participant fee.

All materials included.

*No person will ever be turned away due to lack of funds.

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